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Scotty McCreery

Hmmm, I have a good feeling about this young man of rather brilliant country singing.
Scotty mccreery, which is still just 16 years old and Garner, North Carolina, is already in the process of as a kind of favorite with young fans of american idol, and old, men and women across the country.
He started to sing at a young age and is obviously very good, as it is again, his voice is not just unique, it is also bright - as good as any professional singer of popular country today.
It is not just talented but a really nice guy and the embodiment of what American Idol should be already.
Good Luck Scotty!
I am sure that you all saw its hearings on the show, so here are a few other sound performance. Brilliant!

And another:

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American Idol - the favorite has so far?

After a bit of research and a bit of walking, that I am with the final 10 - what you think? Opinions welcome.

Casey Abrams - this guy has a voice with Soul. And just wait til they get stylist to do a makeover on her cure.

Jordan Dorsey-gifted musically, well led, easy on the eye and maintains its staff take on parts it takes. Think Over the Rainbow on its first hearing in New Orleans.

Lauren Alaina - Amazing voice, lively, a breath of fresh air. She is cute, and with a little style could be sweetheart America next.

Adrienne beasley - Adrienne has an incredible voice and I think that there is something special about.

John wayne schulz - he has bags of experience and a career already successful music behind him. He knows how it's done, but with feet on Earth, he is mentally ahead of the rest.

Karen rodriguez - Fiesty Latina with loads of ambition. After that a designer has done their job, it will be same sassier. As.

Kenzie Palmer - just for balance I think that I would add a bit of musical theatre for the top 10! Broadway awaits if American Idol does.

Scotty mccreery - young and gifted with an incredible voice and great potential.

Brett lowenstern - Brett is already full of surprises and a lot more is lurking. There needs a little more confidence and immense beauty.

Naima Adedapo - individual, artistic and would be fun to add to the final ten mixture.

So, what do you think?

Tags: Adrienne Beasley, Brett Lowenstern, Casey Abrams, John Wayne Schulz, Jordan Dorsey, Karen Rodriguez, Kenzie Palmer, Lauren Alaina, Naima Adedapo, Scotty McCreery
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